The flip-clock reads 6:29AM.

Daylight is breaking over the Manhattan skyline. A cool morning breeze rolls in through a slightly cracked open window. The brick wall now exposed in your industrial apartment. The muffled hum of traffic below is hushed out by the bell of the clock's alarm: 6:30AM.

You glide out of bed and walk over to the window, taking a minute to admire the waking city down below. The sun is beginning to rise now, and a piercing orange glow filters through the entire apartment.

Just a few steps down the hall and into the kitchen. The aroma of a fresh brew glides through the kitchen, filling you with warmth. 

It's time for some easy stretching, before you head out for a light morning run down Fifth, breathing in the fresh morning air among the waking city.

What's next? A long hot shower before the day really begins.


The Self-Care NYC Individual rushes for nobody. They don’t allow the expectations of others to stop them from prioritising their mental and physical wellbeing. In order to be selfless, they have to be selfish first.

Are you the Self-Care NYC Individual?