Our Story.

"To withstand the highs and lows of an unforgettable road trip."

I founded Bittersweet Supply Co. (formerly known as Bittersweet Creatives) in October 2016 as a tiny graphic design studio out of my bedroom. The plan was to onboard thousands of clients, make it big within a matter of months and party like a rock star.

Things didn't exactly work out that way.

My lack of motivation paired with my lack of business skills and zero willingness to learn at the time meant that by December; Bittersweet was nothing more than a side-hobby where I would occasionally post doodles on Instagram for my 40-something followers.

What I did gain during this period of procrastination though, was a journey of self-discovery through weekend road-trips. It was the year I got my license and my very first car; an $800, 1999 Toyota Camry (or as I liked to call it, the S.S Camry because of the sheer length of the thing).

Some of my best memories are still from those few months, where I would wake up before dawn on a Saturday, pack a few snack bars and just head out on the open road. Freedom.

It brought me back to my childhood, back to road trips with my father, the man who taught me to crave adventure. Whether it was a 4 hour mission down to Mount Ruapehu, or a cross country venture across the state of Nevada. 

A truly Bittersweet Road-trip, however, was the 5-day journey we took across South Africa to scatter my late Granddads ashes at his favourite camping spot. An amazing and unforgettable experience.

Here we are today, many years later with wisdom gained and many failures behind me. Bittersweet Supply Co. is revived as an embodiment of that freedom-feeling of the open road.

If you're reading this, you crave adventure. You love the open road because freedom is what awaits you on the other side.

Crisp mornings, heavy eyelids, dew on your windscreen, the perfect playlist.

The Open Road, this one's for you.

3 Generations of Road Trips

My Granddad - Late 60's

My Father - Early 70's


Myself - 2013


Ethically Sourced.

All of the factories contracted within the Bittersweet supply chain are socially and ethically compliant.

This ensures that all products are manufactured in a fair way, workers are paid a fair wage, human rights are respected, factories are safe, and communities impacted by sourcing are treated fairly and respectfully, ethical sourcing enforces social and environmental responsibility.

We design our products to last. One day, when you are ready to depart with your goods; we ask you to donate, sell or hand-down your pieces for someone else to enjoy for many years. 
By purchasing from Bittersweet Supply Company, you are making a conscious decision to become a more sustainable and informed individual.
For business enquiries, please reach us at bittersweetcreatives@gmail.com
Founded in Auckland, New Zealand.
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