A Sit down Interview with 'Sweats + Skates'

Sweats + Skates is an upcoming fashion, streetwear & lifestyle blog documenting the process of other artist's, musicians, and yes even small brands. I sat down with them (at my laptop) for an awesome little interview to discuss how we started, some of our values and beliefs regarding the fashion industry of today, and most importantly what we have planned for the future. 



1.) What is the streetwear scene like in New Zealand?

I certainly feel like there is an oversaturated market for two ends of the fashion spectrum here in NZ. That being either outrageously expensive high fashion garments, or low tier basics that often have some absurd logo placement which otherwise would look decent. I want to hit that mid-line of innovative and quality garments, at an affordable price for the average consumer.

2.) What was the original vision behind Bittersweet?

Truth be told, Bittersweet was not originally started as a clothing brand. In mid 16’ I started the business with the name ‘Bittersweet Creatives Limited’, as a design company, specialising in Graphic Design, Photography and Cinematography for other small businesses. The motto still stands however; “Never stop creating.”

3.) Who inspires you guys? From designers to musicians.

I draw inspiration from a lot of places. Many New Zealand artists. To name a couple, Dick Frizzel & Andrew J. Steel present really unique design opportunities that I would love to experiment with in the future. If a collaboration is on the table one day, don’t count me out of it.

4.) What's more important hype or style?

Style, without question. Hype changes, style doesn’t. Having clothes that fit and accentuate boldness in all the right places is really important. I love piecing together outfits, and I definitely feel like no matter what is hyped and what isn’t, there is always something about high quality and well designed garments that will forever triumph printed Gildan blanks.

5.) You guys are creatives, do you guys plan on doing more than just clothes?

As our team grows in the future, I would love to focus more on what I originally started. That being cinematography, interviews, case studies, reviews etc. Being a media company as well as a clothing brand is one of those things that is not only something I would like to do, but I also feel as necessary to stay relevant in today’s market.

6.) What is more important, graphics or focusing on cut & sew and fabrics?

I believe they go hand in hand to create a quality garment. Can’t have one without the other if you wanna stick around in this game. As a startup, obviously there are going to errors, and you may not always be able to get the quality you were after, but as long as you make up for your shortcomings in other areas, and get the most possible bang for your buck, you can still create something unique.

7.) What do you guys have planned in the future for Bittersweet?

There are talks of a collaboration on the cards, and possibly a pop up store in the central district of my city early next year. By December 18’ I will double down on targeting reputable retail stores in an aim to get Bittersweet out to the public. In the meantime, I’m gonna put my head down and work.

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